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          Job Post – University Office Assistant丨Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

          • 發布時間:2020-12-08
          • 截止日期:詳見正文
          • 所屬省份廣東
          • 工作地點:汕頭市
          • 欄目分類廣東高校
          • 招聘人數:若干
          • 報名方式:電子郵件
          • 需求學科(供參考)未分類


          Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

          Job Post – University Office Assistant


          Position Title: University Office Assistant

          Department: University Office

          Reporting to: Director of University Office

          Start Date: ASAP

          Type of Position: Full time

          Number of Hiring: 1

          Post Number: UO-2020031


          Position Description                                                                      

          The incumbent shall assist the University Office Director in daily management, including drafting official documents, distributing and circulating documents from higher authorities, welcoming visiting guests, etc. He/she shall act as the liaison between the University Office and other school departments, as well as between GTIIT and government or relevant parties.


          Duties and Responsibilities                                                                    

          ·Assist in the party administration work and help draft official documents for GTIIT Party Committee, such as work plans and reports.

          ·Responsible for the daily document registration management and the follow-up of the document handling and circulation.

          ·Collect and distribute letters, newspaper, periodicals, and other mails for the University Office.

          · Assist the Director of University Office in organizing and arranging conferences and other events.

          ·Assist the Director of University Office in external affairs, including liaison and guest reception.

          ·Act as the liaison between the University Office and other departments and serve as a facilitator.

          ·Responsible for the office translation work and complete tasks assigned by superiors.

          ·Complete other tasks assigned by the Director of University Office.


          Required Job Specifications                                                                

          ·Required qualification: master degree from an internationally recognized university or above.

          ·Required experience: preferably relevant administration experience in higher educational institutions.


          Required Job Competencies 

          ·Communication and interpersonal skills (English & Chinese): high

          ·Skills in official document writing: high

          ·Planning and organizing skills: high

          ·Microsoft Office skills: high


          Application Information                                                                    

          Please send your English cover letter, English and Chinese CVs to hr@gtiit.edu.cn in the format of name + position + gaoxiaojob. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.